Thursday, November 24, 2011

Behold! The Kingdom of GOD has drawn near unto you!

Did you think it was a coincidence that you are standing in this place at this time with the need that is in your hearts?

Did you think it was an accident that you were born in this time of History?

Do you think that it will be a trick of your mind when the words I am going to say start to cut thru to the core of your soul dividing asunder your skepticism and doubt, from your faith and hope?

It is NONE OTHER THAN The LORD of Host, Jesus Christ Who has brought you to this place! This time in History! This moment in your lives to hear and see the truth of your Salvation!

Those of You who Hunger and thirst for TRUTH! Today is the day that the Lord will open your lives to eternity! Jesus will breathe into you eternal life, a sound mind and Glory like you have never imagined possible!

Those of you who stand incredulous, arms folded, and hearts cold as Ice! You stand there with sarcasms and skepticism shackling you to your sin! Making you SLAVES to your eternal fates!

You will stand by and watch as the undeniable Glory of the Lord passes you by!
Or you will release the excuse that separates you from God and fall into the real arms of the Lover of your soul!

But then there are OTHERS!

Those of you who Claim to Know Christ Jesus and yet all you know is a lie!

You are who would come here to be "the purveyors of Truth" only have lies and self seeking desires to offer the lost!

You religious hypocrites will find the living waters of God flowing into the lives of hundreds!

And as the serpents you are, you will walk away from here drinking the dust of empty religion, thru the same empty, sand filled Cup that you had when arrived!

The Kingdom of GOD has drawn near unto you!


who write book upon book and yet refuse to follow simple scriptural truth of the Apostles of Jesus Christ!

You who offer coffee and donuts to drawl in the lost! and yet deny them the living water that they so Desperately NEED!

You who have just suffered the loss of your mega Churches that were your monuments of pride!


and Now you stand here seeking to lie to those who are called to salvation in this very Final revival!

The Lord Has NOTHING but wrath stored up for you who desire to derail thru religion what HE wishes to do for the LOST here today!

The Lord has Nothing But a burning Hell that is ever enlarging to fit and devour your soul!

The lord has brought you here not to encourage you in YOUR FAITH but to make an open show of how the whores, drug dealers and sinners enter into Gods love BEFORE YOU!

The Kingdom of GOD has drawn near unto you!

You Godless men and women who have spent your entire lives pleasing YOURSELVES and Pampering your every DESIRE for sin and its wicked pleasures!

You who walk thru life! Who chase after this or that, who spend exorbitant amount of your fragile time on empty successes that never satisfies YOU…

You achieve this, and you achieve that, yet your hands remain empty, with NOTHING worthy that feeds your miserable souls !

I ask you this! What will you do on that terrible day when Death hunts you down and devours your soul?

What will your possessions buy for you when you close your eyes only to open them to stare in horror at the weeping eyes of GOD?

Which one of your arrogant achievements’ afford you, in trade to GOD, the price of the purchase that will open your way out of the terrible consequences of your sin and eternal damnation!

What Can YOU, in all you insignificance, possibly do that will make you shine forth as worthy of heaven, when you are but a grain of sand swimming in the burning desert of humanity’s sinners?!!

For it is written that All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God! None desire the righteousness of God! None are worthy of His holiness!

All Are LOST!

All are in SIN!

Including YOU!
including YOU!
including YOU!


My Fellow Sinners!

Know you NOT that you stand teetering above everlasting eternal peril!

You are like a middle-aged, out of shape business executive, who suddenly is ripped out of his leather chair and air conditioned office to find himself horror stricken, balancing on a wire thousands of feet over the gaping maul of an active magma filled volcano!

Perilously and with no skill you stand there, as the heat of your sin burn the breath from your lungs!

Vertigo washes over you as you sway dangerously clinging to the burning strand of God’s grace, called “your life“!

Time is running out and the edge of safety is miles away in any direction!

And as you stagger incompetently on the thin, burning wire that is keeping you from falling into the burning abyss of HELL

you hear voice shouting up from the fire!

Can you not hear the cries of the billions that history’s lost, who burn there in!

Calling to you in a great heaving Voice Loud like a never ending waterfall of wrath and regret!

Can you not hear the cries of the billions that history’s lost, who burn there in!
Can you NOT hear what they shout up to you?

As they stare up at your staggering empty walk, they shout,

“Don’t FALL!!! Don’t FALL!”
“Hear the man of GOD! Hear his words of LIFE!”
“Don’t be like me!

Save yourself from my fate!”

Desperately you strain to hear the faint calls of the Man of God, over the cacophony of eternities living dead, to hear what the man of God shouts to you in the distance!, at the shore of your now burning and fraying wire!

The Kingdom of GOD has drawn near unto you!

There is none of us that is righteous, NOT ONE!!! None of us who can afford to BUY heaven!

You are utterly LOST in your sin!

Look down at the terrible fate that your infidelity towards God’s love has wrought in your life! Look down into the fires of hell and see the space she has opened for you to fall into that perfectly fits your soul! Look down and see what all mankind has brought on themselves through their own wickedness, and despair!

Know there is NOTHING you can buy or earn to spare you from this terrible Fate!

Oh what a terrible fate it is to fall into the hands of an angry GOD!

BUT you are here..... and I am hear to say...

God is not only livid with your sinful actions! BUT contrary to all logic and Justice, God is Still deeply in love with you!

Did you hear that?

Could you hear those words echoing faintly to you on your flame licked wire!

Can you look up through the flames deep enough to see yourself arrogantly standing before me, through your incredulous, self-centered, arms crossed, sin and doubt?

Listen again as the man of God calls out to you, from the edge of the abyss! You maybe standing on the wire over your well earned HELL!


You are also standing at the point of Gods Grace!

Today you will make a decision that WILL FOREVER save or condemn you! Today you stand in the hope of truth that will pull you out of this world at the blink of an eye or vomit you out into the oblivion of the Great tribulation!

Today you will make the choice to fall into the hungry maul of hell
you will stand for righteousness by shouting "Today is the day of MY SALVATION! for me and my House I WILL stand for GOD!

God saw you on this wire!

God saw your terrible fate! and because of His LOVE for you... He became A man, walked among us...

God, as Jesus, wept for you, and then died the terrible ignominious traitor's death that YOU earned and deserve!

Jesus took you place on the Cross of YOUR SIN! Rolling you iniquities upon HIS own Sinless shoulders...An became YOU, died as you should, and paid the terrible price to save you from HELL!

And there you stand arms crossed, mocking this message, crying out in delusion and insult even as the Pharisee did before the cross itself!

Turn away from this sin!

Turn away from this darkness of the heart that brings only condemnation to your OWN soul!

Turn you eyes away from your sad world and simply reach out to Jesus!

Let down your guard of pride and doubt and cry out to Jesus to SAVE YOU!

for it was for this purpose that He came to redeem both you and I from our terrible just sentences of eternal damnation in a Devil's hell!

In Jesus' name!!!

In Jesus' name!!!

In Jesus' name!!!

I now open your ears to hear heaven's voice!

"Come to me, all of you that are weary and heavenly burdened and i will give you REST!" Lay your life before me.. and I will give it back to you!

Overflowing and Bursting with Joy unspeakable and FULL of Glory!

Jesus is calling to you!


Step off that wire and into the hand Of GOD!



REPENT to God... right NOW! Bow your knees before Jesus and cry out:

"Forgive me!
I am a sinner!
I need You Jesus and I turn away from all my sins!
Jesus, I desire to become your child!
I Desire to walk in YOUR TRUTH!

Save me Jesus from my sins!

Wash me in Your BLOOD that was poured out on the cross...Because OF ME!

Jesus save me!"

And now, here I stand in water!

And I command you all to be Baptized in Jesus' name for the remission of your sins!

For there is NO OTHER name , under heaven, given among men, whereby WE MUST BE SAVED But through the NAME of JESUS CHRIST! The one and only Messiah Come in Flesh!


COME TO ME and I will baptize you right now in The precious name of JESUS!


That as Surly as Jesus died to make you whole! who empowers this very water with His own BLOOD to forever wash away your sins!

This same Jesus not only Gave you his blood but also poured out His HOLY SPIRIT!
All of you who repent and who are baptized in water and blood will soon be filled with the Baptism of the Spirit and of Fire! Jesus will move over you and into you as you worship HIM!

And when Jesus does this your lips will begin to stammer and your heart will overflow with LIVING WATER!

and this water that pours out of your soul, will do so as words of a new language pours out of your very mouths as Jesus HIMSELF gives you the utterance!

Even now it Has Begun!


Why is your mortal body quickening EVEN NOW!

This is that which was for told by the Prophet JOEL! "with stammering Lips and another tongue I shall speak to my people And in the last days says the LORD on my men servants and on my maid servants I will pour OUT my SPIRIT and on that day they shall speak with NEW tongues and prophesy!

That is The LORD Jesus Christ moving into YOU! WORSHIP JESUS RECEIVE HIM surrender your tongue as the living water floods you and quenches your thirst FOREVER MORE!


Come and be baptized even as you speak forth the praises of God in the language of the ANGELS!

You sir God wants to heal you! And even so... it is done!

In Jesus' NAME!

In fact, all those who repent and come to the water of baptism will find that The lord has not only made you into a new creature....

But He has also made you WHOLE!

You scoffers and you Hypocrites! You who will NOT BOW THE KNEE now... will BOW THE KNEE LATER!

Behold the True power and Glory of JESUS CHRIST! Behold as the GOD OF HEAVEN honors the TRUTH of HIS OWN WORD!

Behold as God moves before your very eyes with the miracles your dead MAN"S religion can never PROVIDE!

Choose this DAY who you will serve!

This the living faith of the God of salvation! Or in the dead religion of your fathers!

I reach out to you my hand!

And Know that when I do that, this hand of flesh is also the hand of Jesus Christ beckoning ONE LAST TIME to bring you Home!

Will you take my hand?

Take it! come into the water, be filled with the Spirit, and call me BROTHER!


The Kingdom of GOD has drawn near unto you!